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Via de Store Locator you can easily find a beauty salon near you. Your Lanèche Beauty Expert can tell you what products and treatments are most suitable for your skin. Your salon has a wide range of tests, samples and brochures with detailed information on all Lanèche products.

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Lanèche professional skin care products and treatments allow beauticians to provide their clients with a complete package while offering specialised services focused on skin care, skin enhancement and skin rejuvenation. The Lanèche philosophy is based on the Beauty Innovation Treatment Program, which also serves as a guideline to further specialise and expand the range of treatments you can offer your clients.

Skin rejuvenation and skin enhancement

All Lanèche products have a high percentage of active ingredients associated with claims and proven results. You offer your clients complete treatment, while they continue to work on improving their skin condition in the comfort of their home. The two-fold treatment plan ensures the best results and a long-term partnership with your client.


Beauty Innovation Treatment Program

A treatment plan is tailored to the specific skincare needs of the client. This is the beauty of the Beauty Innovation Treatment Program. It allows you to specify what steps and products need to be followed to bring the skin in top condition and achieve the very best results.


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Are you, as a beautician, interested in introducing Lanèche in your salon? But are you still not convinced of what Lanèche can do for you? Then request a free sample package!

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