Repair Complex E
Is your skin becoming thinner with visible fine blood vessels?

For years, Vitamin E has been a favourite component for treatments and products. Vitamin E is a good neutraliser of free radicals, intensively protecting mature skin types against skin ageing. Vitamin E also possesses anti-inflammatory effects that combat telangiectasia. All this makes Vitamin C extremely suitable for sensitive, thin skin.

Your skin characteristics

Your skin is starting to become thinner and small blood vessels appear spread over the skin in the form of fine red lines. Your skin is sensitive to climate influences (sun, wind and cold), but also to soap and alcohol. A diminished ability to bind moisture leads to dry skin. Because of its reduced resistance, your skin needs effective protection.


Salon treatment

The Repair Complex E line of products is rich in Vitamin E and, in combination with Butyrospermum Parkii (shea butter extract), the skin is cared for and nourished. Treatment with the Repair Complex E Anti-ageing mask moisturises and hydrates the skin intensively. It is rich in Vitamin E and slows down the ageing process of the skin.

The Lanèche products for home use

For home use, the line includes a Repair Complex E anti-ageing day cream and a Repair Complex E anti-ageing night care. The Special Care products are advised to give your skin additional stimulation.


The Lanèche products for home use