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Improved skin - completely rejuvenated inside and out

The philosophy behind Lanèche products is twofold:

Lanèche skin care products nourish the skin and stimulate the skin to repair and rejuvenate itself.

This is done with balanced ingredients, such as pro-vitamins, vitamins, co-enzymes and a large number of other natural plant extracts that activate and revitalise the skin.

The skin becomes active and fit, has a better structure and the ageing process is slowed down as a result skin will improved and completely get rejuvenated inside and out.


Lanèche offers a wide range of high-quality treatments for various skin types designed to improve the condition of the skin.


With the unique Beauty Innovation Treatment Program (BITP), a personal treatment plan is drawn up to get your skin in top condition.


The Beauty Innovation Treatment Program has five levels with different treatment options within each level.

Treatments plan

Your beautician has received special training and is fully up to date on all Lanèche products and treatments.


As a Lanèche Beauty Expert she can determine, on the basis of a skin analysis, which treatment in the Beauty Innovation Treatment Program is most suitable for your skin type.

When your skin has reached a certain level, your beautician can choose to add separate treatments at the existing level to give some variation. Or she can decide to continue on to the next level in order to operate in a more preventive way.

Products for home use

The professional Lanèche skin care products applied by your beautician during the treatments are also available for home use. The cleansing products, day creams, night care, masks and serums for home use contain the same active ingredients as the products in the salon.


This means that these products also have a twofold effect: they provide the skin with ample nourishment and let the skin improve naturally working from the inside out.

For an optimum and long-term effect of the salon treatments, it is recommended to also use the Lanèche products at home. The products are specially developed to go together. They complement each other and strengthen each other’s effect.

Beauty Innovation Treatment Program


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